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Car Detailing

Car detailing is done to produce an extremely elegant finish both interior and exterior as far as the vehicle is concerned.
We provide high quality and extensive car detailing services both interior and exterior at affordable rates.

Exterior detailing:

The exterior of a car is cleaned and restored to a finish that exceeds the original condition of its surface. The wheels, tires and windows are cleaned, conditioned and polished to get a super luxurious feel. We make sure to use detergents and acid free degreasers to break down dirt and soil. Detail clay is used in the removal of embedded contaminates and to improve reflectivity and for resurfacing, waxes and polishes are used.

Interior detailing:

We thoroughly clean the interior cabin. Vacuum cleaning, steam cleaning, foam and liquid chemical cleaning are some of the methods that we employ. A level of polishing is also done here along with the removal of stains.

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