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Bumper Repair Dubai

We use latest technology to repair the damaged bumper. Modern cars have plastic bumpers, which can easily damages even by small impact while cornering.We offer you a high class professional service in  bumper removel, bumper replacement and bumper repair Dubai. No one can differentiate it. It gives less expense to the customers by avoiding replace a new bumper.

We repair the damaged bumpers by SMART stitching technology and make it as new.

Damaging a car bumper is easy. Also it does not take much more than light contact with another vehicle, to cause dents & paint problems. We offers best bumper repair service in Dubai,UAE.The initial step in repairing a damaged car bumper will be to find out the damage and determine what are the steps will required to solve damaged bumpers. If the bumper has been damaged by any scratch, then it will require more time and work for a quality repair

Steps to repair a Car Bumper

Remove Paint:

The initial step need to repair the damaged bumper is removing paint transfer. Several methods can be used depending for this but it depends on the extent of the damage.

Remove any Dent:

Removing dents on the bumper is plastic bumpers are quite easy compared with dent removal from body parts.

Use Plastic Filler:

After removing all the dents, even if any holes in the bumper can be filled with quality plastic filler. Filler can also be used to smooth out larger chips in the paint.

Repainting is the last step will be required after all other repairs are completed.


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