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Alloy Wheel Rim Repair Dubai

Almost all newly manufactured cars are fitted with alloy wheels. Unfortunately, the alloy wheel rim is easily damaged – kerbstones and potholes are the enemy of the motorist these days.So, what options does the car owner are waiting for choosing a best option in fast and high alloy wheel repair and rim repair in Dubai?

Our alloy wheel and rim repair services restore damaged alloy wheels back to a factory new condition:

We are the leading alloy wheel repair agency in Dubai offer a full range of alloy wheel damage repair and refurbishment services in Dubai, UAE. We are ready to service your vehicle to repair scrapes, kerb damages, gouges and return your alloy wheels back to new one.The good news for motorists is that most alloy rims can now be cost-effectively and quickly repaired with the introduction of our alloy wheel SMART Repair solution in UAE.We offer full range of alloy wheel rim repair dubai UAE. We can remove the damaged alloy wheel, fix and refurbish the alloy rim, exactly match the original manufacturer paint finish.

We can repair 98% of damaged alloy wheels and rim helps you saving on the cost of buying a new wheel.

Alloy Wheel Repair Process:

Mainly three repair steps are there:

Wheel Preparation

This is the initial step used to repair alloy wheels. Wheel is removed from the car and the tire is pushed away from the damaged rim face.

Wheel Repair

We have expert crews available for alloy wheels and rim repairing process. Our expert will evaluate the damaged part and will repair the wheel rim.

Painting, Finish & Test

This is the final stage is to paint the alloy wheel rim to get the desired finishing,then test the repaired wheel before refitting the wheel to the car.


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