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Paint Chip Repair Dubai

Paint chips, scratches, and bumper scuffs are both unsightly and very common. Naturally, they have a negative effect on the cosmetic appearance and subsequent value of a vehicle. Historically a vehicle needing this form of repair would have been sent to a conventional body shop with the customer burdened with an expensive and time-consuming repair.SMART repair offers a fast, cost-effective high-quality alternative method for Paint chip repair, Car Ceramic Coating that generally takes less than 1 hour.We are the leading paint chip repair service providers in Dubai. We offer car repairing chips and scratches and also paint damage on your car. We use latest advanced methods to resolve the paint chip problems. We can detail your car’s paintwork and remove fine scratches and restore the shine to your car.

Paint Chip Repair Techniques:

We offer the best way to fix annoying paint chips picture of the paint chip on your car. There are mainly three types of chips that mean small, medium, large can occur in your car. We use latest technologies to remove the paint chips on your vehicle. Paint Chip Repair Pen, Brushing Chipped Paint, Paint Chip Spray Can are different types of devices that are used to remove the paint chips.

Car Ceramic Coating Dubai

Car ceramic coating is a clear liquid nano-ceramic coating consisting of multiple layers. After curing this coating will transform itself on the surface to a strong, rigid and flexible glass shield.Ceramic coating is better described as an additional clear coat, with extra hardness and self-cleaning properties.

The advantages of using ceramic coatings on your car:

    • Strong Paint Protection:

The coating is extremely tough and hence protects the body of the car against the harshest conditions.

    • Long Lasting:

Being strong and durable it tends to last a long time on the vehicle. The coating is fused on the surface of the automobile and hence does not get dislodged by any external force.
Traditional coatings like wax wear out fast as they cannot handle acidic components of the atmosphere.

    • Stays Clean:

Since the surface is extremely smooth literally no pits it tends to attract less dirt. Whenever dirt finds its way on the surface it does not have a place to stick to.

    • No need for Waxing:

Traditional waxing was done mainly for protecting the surface. The problem with waxing is that it provides less protection, and eventually wears off raising the need for regular application, unlike ceramic car coatings which last literally forever.

    • Cost Effective:

Although it may seem expensive due to the initial cost it is a real money saver in the long run. Waxing will cost you more as it needs to be done at regular intervals, which adds up to a good amount in the long run and not to mention the time involved.