How to apply ceramic coating to your car?

21 Jun
car ceramic coating repair dubai

How to apply ceramic coating to your car?

Is your car’s health a constant worry for you? Do you often park at the back end of the parking lot to reduce the risk of scratches, dents, and scrapes? Do you always worry if your current wax job will fail to do the job of keeping your car protected from UV rays and corrosion?
If you gave a “Yes” to any of the above questions then Car Ceramic Coating Dubai is the best thing for you.

A ceramic coating is not a wax, sealant or a paint protection that will wash away or break down as time passes by. Technically speaking, it is a coating of nano-ceramic material that results in a permanent adhesion on the paint which can only be removed by abrasion. This coating can never be dissolved by any chemical. The coating stands to guard the surface against UV rays, scratches, heat, corrosion and more. On top of all this it can provide an attractive gloss. The coating will stay hard for a very long period of time if maintained correctly.

Car Ceramic Coating Dubai

Protection is one thing that is offered by the coating and the beauty of the glossy finish is still another feature that just can’t be missed. One must truly see it in order to believe. It’s Super Hydrophobic value makes it attract very little dirt and hence on a rainy day a ride splashing dirty water is only going to make it look newly washed. Not just that, the coating has a very very long life if maintained well.

Applying a ceramic coating may be a bit more expensive than a wax job but its way better. A wax job needs to be done at regular intervals and never gives the level of protection offered by a ceramic coating. In the long run, ceramic coatings saves you a lot of money and gives your car the perfect look!

If you are searching for the perfect protection for your car, then look no further, we at Spectrum Automotive Smart Repair is a name that stands out for car ceramic coating Dubai.

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