20 Sep
car repair Dubai

Getting Your Car Repaired in Dubai

What is the first thing that you have to do when you feel that your car has some issues? Well, you get it checked of course. It’s easier said than done. Checking your car isn’t enough, I mean you have to make sure that the people running the diagnostics on your vehicle are experts in their domain. That can be quite tricky! Many vehicle experts claim themselves to be experts but nothing could not be further away from the truth you see any field requires experience to master and just like any other field car repair makes no exception. That being said having experience is a major advantage but that alone won’t make companies the best. Here too we have to remain up to date with the different methods of diagnosis and techniques to get issues resolved. Certain car repair requirements are so complicated that one needs to have a very sophisticated approach to handling such problems.

Spectrum Auto Smart Repair has established over the years as a major service provider in the field of car repair and maintenance. One thing that can never be stressed enough on is our experience in the field. The mechanics, painters and other staff members have to qualify stringent screening measures to be admitted here at Spectrum. As we play close attention to the quality of their work and give emphasis on training our staff to be technically healthy and updated.

Car Repair and Different Techniques

As the auto industry is witnessing a huge revolution in the use of technology both in manufacturing and servicing, staying updated has become imperative. Many auto services and repair firms exist in Dubai and U.A.E at large but not all are equal. If you have any questions on the quality of our work then ask our clients yourself. Just casually ask them where you should take your car repaired in Dubai or the U.A.E. Our bet is that they will point you in our direction.

To repair your car in Dubai you have to be very careful as many firms in order to make a lot of money, they bring out a fabricated diagnostics report of your vehicle and throw a lot of mumbo jumbo at you thinking that it’s not your domain of expertise.

There are still others that slip a bad part or a used part for a good one and present you the bill of a brand new part. It’s daylight robbery but sadly many are prey to such auto repair agencies. Here at Spectrum Auto Smart Repair we follow a very honest mode of conduct and make sure that you spend within your limits and only on the things that are absolutely necessary. Repair your car in Dubai or any other place with trustworthy firms and only trustworthy ones. In case you have any queries regarding repairing your car or how to reach us at Dubai or anything else please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to be at your service. Our representatives are careful to attend to your needs and requirements. We wish you good luck finding the right car repair firm at Dubai.

21 Jun
car ceramic coating repair dubai

How to apply ceramic coating to your car?

Is your car’s health a constant worry for you? Do you often park at the back end of the parking lot to reduce the risk of scratches, dents, and scrapes? Do you always worry if your current wax job will fail to do the job of keeping your car protected from UV rays and corrosion?
If you gave a “Yes” to any of the above questions then Car Ceramic Coating Dubai is the best thing for you.

A ceramic coating is not a wax, sealant or a paint protection that will wash away or break down as time passes by. Technically speaking, it is a coating of nano-ceramic material that results in a permanent adhesion on the paint which can only be removed by abrasion. This coating can never be dissolved by any chemical. The coating stands to guard the surface against UV rays, scratches, heat, corrosion and more. On top of all this it can provide an attractive gloss. The coating will stay hard for a very long period of time if maintained correctly.

Car Ceramic Coating Dubai

Protection is one thing that is offered by the coating and the beauty of the glossy finish is still another feature that just can’t be missed. One must truly see it in order to believe. It’s Super Hydrophobic value makes it attract very little dirt and hence on a rainy day a ride splashing dirty water is only going to make it look newly washed. Not just that, the coating has a very very long life if maintained well.

Applying a ceramic coating may be a bit more expensive than a wax job but its way better. A wax job needs to be done at regular intervals and never gives the level of protection offered by a ceramic coating. In the long run, ceramic coatings saves you a lot of money and gives your car the perfect look!

If you are searching for the perfect protection for your car, then look no further, we at Spectrum Automotive Smart Repair is a name that stands out for car ceramic coating Dubai.

Got questions? Why not give us a call or e-mail us by clicking here.

20 Jun
car detailing repair Dubai

How to Detail a Car Quickly?

With time and as miles go by it is common for your car to pick up a lot of dirt and grime.Car detailing repair Dubai helps clear up all that filth and makes your car look brand new like in the showrooms. A good car detailing service is one in which a professional employs the use of special tools and technology to get the car detailed both in its interiors and exteriors as well.When asking for a detailing service there are multiple areas of your car that can be focused on depending on what sort of service is being selected:

Car Detailing Repair Dubai

Paint: One of the most common ones as far as car detailing is concerned is the paint on the vehicle. Our highly specialized team of pros will ensure that the paint of your vehicle is cleaned, corrected and remains protected at all times. As far as scratch/swirl marks removal is concerned, your vehicle is carefully polished to do so. Waxing your car ensures that the paint on it is well protected but an alternative would be to go for ceramic coatings as they provide protection for a longer duration than waxing. Although ceramic coatings are expensive they are well worth the money and time as it lasts a very long time and hence is more efficient than waxing.
Chassis and wheels: A good car always has its chassis and wheels well maintained. We make sure that the undercarriage of your car along with its wheels are care fully cleaned and detailed by professionals here.

Headlights and taillights: Its natural for headlights and taillights to get dull over time due to oxidation. Our team of professionals will do the job of polishing so well that it begins to look like its brand new.

Interior detailing: This is another important par to car detailing. The Technicians here will shampoo or steam clean your vehicle’s seats and carpets. If the interiors are leather, no worries! Perfect conditioning is what they are going to get.

Engine Bay: It is the most easily missed aspect of car detailing. Our technicians pay close attention to detail and we take care of every minute thing we can find. The engine bay area is sprayed and then a degreaser is used to lightly clean it.

Our detailing, at Spectrum Automotive Smart Repair is like a spa meant for cars. As far as car detailing Dubai is concerned, we are the leaders. Need to talk to a specialist? Give us a call at:

4 Apr
damage repair Dubai

How to Resolve your Car Damages?

A car may be a mechanical machine but just like living beings, it too needs to be maintained well or else it will stop performing and that’s when most of us start complaining about how bad the vehicle is. On one end it’s true that the vehicle can be blamed for its aspects but on the other end it’s because of how you maintained handling which usually is the case almost all the time!

Let’s sum out the most common things that we do WRONG!

Driving with your fuel level on the edge:

While driving a long way we tend to have a low fuel level towards the end of the journey and may hesitate to get a fill, knowing that it’s more than enough to get us through. Well you may be right and I am not up in arms to argue on your math but there is a problem that keeps building up in your car. The gasoline that we fill form the gas stations usually contain sediments in small amounts which over the months tend to settle at the bottom of the fuel tank. When we run our car on the dry end of the tank, the fuel injected into the vehicle is drown form the bottom end along with the sediments which tends to clog the fuel filter and may even enter the engine causing a lot of trouble.

Breaking and Accelerating all to suddenly:

We all love the idea of racing our engines really high and then getting our car to race ahead of everyone and then breaking it hard to make that screeching noise on the road with smoke coming off the burned tires…. It Thrills Right? … but then it kills which is what we often overlook. Learning to drive smoothly and patiently will go a long way in keeping yours as well as your car’s health in check. It gives you large gaps between visits made at your mechanic’s and hence saves you a lot of money.