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11 Sep
car body polishing dubai

Different techniques for Car Body Polishing Easy

Car body polishing is done to get rid of scratches and other defects on your car’s paint. The final effects of polishing your car may depend heavily on the type of polish that you employ.The chemicals used for polishing may contain a variety of components.Many people try to polish their own car which is perfectly fine with the right kind of KNOW HOW. Before polishing your car one must thoroughly get the surface cleaned and get it dried using a microfiber towel or a squeegee in order to get the best results.

One does not need to use a huge quantity of polish to get a really good finish. It’s important to clean up all the polish residue from the seals, panel gaps and the badges on the vehicle.

Why do you need to get your car polished?

While wheeling, it’s important to use a good quality Wheeler with soft pads and polishing materials for best results. Usually, more aggressive materials for polishing are used on bodies with a lighter shade.Once polishing is done it’s always good practice to add a protective layer of sealant or wax. This is done to get the paint conditioned better. It not only protects the surface but also gives the vehicle body a good shine.We at Spectrum use only the best quality products for your car polishing needs which are why we have always delivered.

Finding a cost-effective and professional car body polishing service in Dubai can be tough. There are a countless number of polishing service providers in and around Dubai but not all are capable of providing a good service. If they ever end up providing a good service then it usually comes with a highly exaggerated price tag. We at Spectrum Automotive specialize in delivering high-quality service at affordable prices. Do you have a car polishing requirement then consult us for more information? Then Contact Spectrum auto smart Repair Dubai one of the leading smart repair company in Dubai.

9 Sep
smart repair

Smart Repair : New Techniques

From the name “SMART REPAIR” we could understand its an efficient method of repairing. Everyone looking for the cost-effective method also which done quickly. Scratching or Scuffing your car can become an unimaginable nightmare. A car to most people is more than just a vehicle for the commute. A person might have a sentimental connection with his vehicle. There have been cases of people caring more for their cars than they do for themselves.

Recently there was a video put up on youtube where a guy gifts his father, who happens to be in his seventies, a car which he had owned when he was in his twenties. The old man was shocked to see his ride all restored to its former glory. He couldn’t believe his eyes and started walking towards it saying that there was no way that could be his car. He had to sell it back in the days when he fell on some hard times.He said that it was the best gift he had ever got from anybody in his entire life.

How to repair your Car Easily?

So you see, cars are not just pieces of metal, leather and plastic put together. It’s much more than that to a lot of people.

That’s the reason why even a small scratch on the surface gives us a heart ache. If a scratch can create so much pain imagine what a dent would do.Denting or dinging your car can be irritating but it does happen even if you are super careful with how you handle your vehicle.

Say you wish to fix the defect. You need to be very careful about this as in the wrong hands it’s going to look really messed up. First of all, take your car to a professional vehicle service provider and ask them to run a diagnosis on your car. Then the proper method needs to be employed to make it look awesome again.

If your car was damaged with some paint chipped off or cracked it cannot be fixed with a paintless dent removal. Paint repairs require some amount of work and if not fixed fast the metal exposed can create some problems. It is not uncommon to get dents that have to result in paint loss and hence can be fixed easily.

20 Jun
car detailing repair Dubai

How to Detail a Car Quickly?

With time and as miles go by it is common for your car to pick up a lot of dirt and grime.Car detailing repair Dubai helps clear up all that filth and makes your car look brand new like in the showrooms. A good car detailing service is one in which a professional employs the use of special tools and technology to get the car detailed both in its interiors and exteriors as well.When asking for a detailing service there are multiple areas of your car that can be focused on depending on what sort of service is being selected:

Car Detailing Repair Dubai

Paint: One of the most common ones as far as car detailing is concerned is the paint on the vehicle. Our highly specialized team of pros will ensure that the paint of your vehicle is cleaned, corrected and remains protected at all times. As far as scratch/swirl marks removal is concerned, your vehicle is carefully polished to do so. Waxing your car ensures that the paint on it is well protected but an alternative would be to go for ceramic coatings as they provide protection for a longer duration than waxing. Although ceramic coatings are expensive they are well worth the money and time as it lasts a very long time and hence is more efficient than waxing.
Chassis and wheels: A good car always has its chassis and wheels well maintained. We make sure that the undercarriage of your car along with its wheels are care fully cleaned and detailed by professionals here.

Headlights and taillights: Its natural for headlights and taillights to get dull over time due to oxidation. Our team of professionals will do the job of polishing so well that it begins to look like its brand new.

Interior detailing: This is another important par to car detailing. The Technicians here will shampoo or steam clean your vehicle’s seats and carpets. If the interiors are leather, no worries! Perfect conditioning is what they are going to get.

Engine Bay: It is the most easily missed aspect of car detailing. Our technicians pay close attention to detail and we take care of every minute thing we can find. The engine bay area is sprayed and then a degreaser is used to lightly clean it.

Our detailing, at Spectrum Automotive Smart Repair is like a spa meant for cars. As far as car detailing Dubai is concerned, we are the leaders. Need to talk to a specialist? Give us a call at: