20 Sep
car repair Dubai

Getting Your Car Repaired in Dubai

What is the first thing that you have to do when you feel that your car has some issues? Well, you get it checked of course. It’s easier said than done. Checking your car isn’t enough, I mean you have to make sure that the people running the diagnostics on your vehicle are experts in their domain. That can be quite tricky! Many vehicle experts claim themselves to be experts but nothing could not be further away from the truth you see any field requires experience to master and just like any other field car repair makes no exception. That being said having experience is a major advantage but that alone won’t make companies the best. Here too we have to remain up to date with the different methods of diagnosis and techniques to get issues resolved. Certain car repair requirements are so complicated that one needs to have a very sophisticated approach to handling such problems.

Spectrum Auto Smart Repair has established over the years as a major service provider in the field of car repair and maintenance. One thing that can never be stressed enough on is our experience in the field. The mechanics, painters and other staff members have to qualify stringent screening measures to be admitted here at Spectrum. As we play close attention to the quality of their work and give emphasis on training our staff to be technically healthy and updated.

Car Repair and Different Techniques

As the auto industry is witnessing a huge revolution in the use of technology both in manufacturing and servicing, staying updated has become imperative. Many auto services and repair firms exist in Dubai and U.A.E at large but not all are equal. If you have any questions on the quality of our work then ask our clients yourself. Just casually ask them where you should take your car repaired in Dubai or the U.A.E. Our bet is that they will point you in our direction.

To repair your car in Dubai you have to be very careful as many firms in order to make a lot of money, they bring out a fabricated diagnostics report of your vehicle and throw a lot of mumbo jumbo at you thinking that it’s not your domain of expertise.

There are still others that slip a bad part or a used part for a good one and present you the bill of a brand new part. It’s daylight robbery but sadly many are prey to such auto repair agencies. Here at Spectrum Auto Smart Repair we follow a very honest mode of conduct and make sure that you spend within your limits and only on the things that are absolutely necessary. Repair your car in Dubai or any other place with trustworthy firms and only trustworthy ones. In case you have any queries regarding repairing your car or how to reach us at Dubai or anything else please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to be at your service. Our representatives are careful to attend to your needs and requirements. We wish you good luck finding the right car repair firm at Dubai.

11 Sep
car body polishing dubai

Different techniques for Car Body Polishing Easy

Car body polishing is done to get rid of scratches and other defects on your car’s paint. The final effects of polishing your car may depend heavily on the type of polish that you employ.The chemicals used for polishing may contain a variety of components.Many people try to polish their own car which is perfectly fine with the right kind of KNOW HOW. Before polishing your car one must thoroughly get the surface cleaned and get it dried using a microfiber towel or a squeegee in order to get the best results.

One does not need to use a huge quantity of polish to get a really good finish. It’s important to clean up all the polish residue from the seals, panel gaps and the badges on the vehicle.

Why do you need to get your car polished?

While wheeling, it’s important to use a good quality Wheeler with soft pads and polishing materials for best results. Usually, more aggressive materials for polishing are used on bodies with a lighter shade.Once polishing is done it’s always good practice to add a protective layer of sealant or wax. This is done to get the paint conditioned better. It not only protects the surface but also gives the vehicle body a good shine.We at Spectrum use only the best quality products for your car polishing needs which are why we have always delivered.

Finding a cost-effective and professional car body polishing service in Dubai can be tough. There are a countless number of polishing service providers in and around Dubai but not all are capable of providing a good service. If they ever end up providing a good service then it usually comes with a highly exaggerated price tag. We at Spectrum Automotive specialize in delivering high-quality service at affordable prices. Do you have a car polishing requirement then consult us for more information? Then Contact Spectrum auto smart Repair Dubai one of the leading smart repair company in Dubai.