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11 Sep
car body polishing dubai

Different techniques for Car Body Polishing Easy

Car body polishing is done to get rid of scratches and other defects on your car’s paint. The final effects of polishing your car may depend heavily on the type of polish that you employ.The chemicals used for polishing may contain a variety of components.Many people try to polish their own car which is perfectly fine with the right kind of KNOW HOW. Before polishing your car one must thoroughly get the surface cleaned and get it dried using a microfiber towel or a squeegee in order to get the best results.

One does not need to use a huge quantity of polish to get a really good finish. It’s important to clean up all the polish residue from the seals, panel gaps and the badges on the vehicle.

Why do you need to get your car polished?

While wheeling, it’s important to use a good quality Wheeler with soft pads and polishing materials for best results. Usually, more aggressive materials for polishing are used on bodies with a lighter shade.Once polishing is done it’s always good practice to add a protective layer of sealant or wax. This is done to get the paint conditioned better. It not only protects the surface but also gives the vehicle body a good shine.We at Spectrum use only the best quality products for your car polishing needs which are why we have always delivered.

Finding a cost-effective and professional car body polishing service in Dubai can be tough. There are a countless number of polishing service providers in and around Dubai but not all are capable of providing a good service. If they ever end up providing a good service then it usually comes with a highly exaggerated price tag. We at Spectrum Automotive specialize in delivering high-quality service at affordable prices. Do you have a car polishing requirement then consult us for more information? Then Contact Spectrum auto smart Repair Dubai one of the leading smart repair company in Dubai.

9 Sep
smart repair

Smart Repair : New Techniques

From the name “SMART REPAIR” we could understand its an efficient method of repairing. Everyone looking for the cost-effective method also which done quickly. Scratching or Scuffing your car can become an unimaginable nightmare. A car to most people is more than just a vehicle for the commute. A person might have a sentimental connection with his vehicle. There have been cases of people caring more for their cars than they do for themselves.

Recently there was a video put up on youtube where a guy gifts his father, who happens to be in his seventies, a car which he had owned when he was in his twenties. The old man was shocked to see his ride all restored to its former glory. He couldn’t believe his eyes and started walking towards it saying that there was no way that could be his car. He had to sell it back in the days when he fell on some hard times.He said that it was the best gift he had ever got from anybody in his entire life.

How to repair your Car Easily?

So you see, cars are not just pieces of metal, leather and plastic put together. It’s much more than that to a lot of people.

That’s the reason why even a small scratch on the surface gives us a heart ache. If a scratch can create so much pain imagine what a dent would do.Denting or dinging your car can be irritating but it does happen even if you are super careful with how you handle your vehicle.

Say you wish to fix the defect. You need to be very careful about this as in the wrong hands it’s going to look really messed up. First of all, take your car to a professional vehicle service provider and ask them to run a diagnosis on your car. Then the proper method needs to be employed to make it look awesome again.

If your car was damaged with some paint chipped off or cracked it cannot be fixed with a paintless dent removal. Paint repairs require some amount of work and if not fixed fast the metal exposed can create some problems. It is not uncommon to get dents that have to result in paint loss and hence can be fixed easily.

21 Jun
car ceramic coating repair dubai

How to apply ceramic coating to your car?

Is your car’s health a constant worry for you? Do you often park at the back end of the parking lot to reduce the risk of scratches, dents, and scrapes? Do you always worry if your current wax job will fail to do the job of keeping your car protected from UV rays and corrosion?
If you gave a “Yes” to any of the above questions then Car Ceramic Coating Dubai is the best thing for you.

A ceramic coating is not a wax, sealant or a paint protection that will wash away or break down as time passes by. Technically speaking, it is a coating of nano-ceramic material that results in a permanent adhesion on the paint which can only be removed by abrasion. This coating can never be dissolved by any chemical. The coating stands to guard the surface against UV rays, scratches, heat, corrosion and more. On top of all this it can provide an attractive gloss. The coating will stay hard for a very long period of time if maintained correctly.

Car Ceramic Coating Dubai

Protection is one thing that is offered by the coating and the beauty of the glossy finish is still another feature that just can’t be missed. One must truly see it in order to believe. It’s Super Hydrophobic value makes it attract very little dirt and hence on a rainy day a ride splashing dirty water is only going to make it look newly washed. Not just that, the coating has a very very long life if maintained well.

Applying a ceramic coating may be a bit more expensive than a wax job but its way better. A wax job needs to be done at regular intervals and never gives the level of protection offered by a ceramic coating. In the long run, ceramic coatings saves you a lot of money and gives your car the perfect look!

If you are searching for the perfect protection for your car, then look no further, we at Spectrum Automotive Smart Repair is a name that stands out for car ceramic coating Dubai.

Got questions? Why not give us a call or e-mail us by clicking here.

20 Jun
car detailing repair Dubai

How to Detail a Car Quickly?

With time and as miles go by it is common for your car to pick up a lot of dirt and grime.Car detailing repair Dubai helps clear up all that filth and makes your car look brand new like in the showrooms. A good car detailing service is one in which a professional employs the use of special tools and technology to get the car detailed both in its interiors and exteriors as well.When asking for a detailing service there are multiple areas of your car that can be focused on depending on what sort of service is being selected:

Car Detailing Repair Dubai

Paint: One of the most common ones as far as car detailing is concerned is the paint on the vehicle. Our highly specialized team of pros will ensure that the paint of your vehicle is cleaned, corrected and remains protected at all times. As far as scratch/swirl marks removal is concerned, your vehicle is carefully polished to do so. Waxing your car ensures that the paint on it is well protected but an alternative would be to go for ceramic coatings as they provide protection for a longer duration than waxing. Although ceramic coatings are expensive they are well worth the money and time as it lasts a very long time and hence is more efficient than waxing.
Chassis and wheels: A good car always has its chassis and wheels well maintained. We make sure that the undercarriage of your car along with its wheels are care fully cleaned and detailed by professionals here.

Headlights and taillights: Its natural for headlights and taillights to get dull over time due to oxidation. Our team of professionals will do the job of polishing so well that it begins to look like its brand new.

Interior detailing: This is another important par to car detailing. The Technicians here will shampoo or steam clean your vehicle’s seats and carpets. If the interiors are leather, no worries! Perfect conditioning is what they are going to get.

Engine Bay: It is the most easily missed aspect of car detailing. Our technicians pay close attention to detail and we take care of every minute thing we can find. The engine bay area is sprayed and then a degreaser is used to lightly clean it.

Our detailing, at Spectrum Automotive Smart Repair is like a spa meant for cars. As far as car detailing Dubai is concerned, we are the leaders. Need to talk to a specialist? Give us a call at:

4 Apr
damage repair Dubai

How to Resolve your Car Damages?

A car may be a mechanical machine but just like living beings, it too needs to be maintained well or else it will stop performing and that’s when most of us start complaining about how bad the vehicle is. On one end it’s true that the vehicle can be blamed for its aspects but on the other end it’s because of how you maintained handling which usually is the case almost all the time!

Let’s sum out the most common things that we do WRONG!

Driving with your fuel level on the edge:

While driving a long way we tend to have a low fuel level towards the end of the journey and may hesitate to get a fill, knowing that it’s more than enough to get us through. Well you may be right and I am not up in arms to argue on your math but there is a problem that keeps building up in your car. The gasoline that we fill form the gas stations usually contain sediments in small amounts which over the months tend to settle at the bottom of the fuel tank. When we run our car on the dry end of the tank, the fuel injected into the vehicle is drown form the bottom end along with the sediments which tends to clog the fuel filter and may even enter the engine causing a lot of trouble.

Breaking and Accelerating all to suddenly:

We all love the idea of racing our engines really high and then getting our car to race ahead of everyone and then breaking it hard to make that screeching noise on the road with smoke coming off the burned tires…. It Thrills Right? … but then it kills which is what we often overlook. Learning to drive smoothly and patiently will go a long way in keeping yours as well as your car’s health in check. It gives you large gaps between visits made at your mechanic’s and hence saves you a lot of money.

10 Dec
smart car repair Dubai


Everyone knows from the word itself that “SMART REPAIR” is a type of repairing and modifying your smart vehicle. The smart car repair Dubai is a type of smart car repair and maintenance service which includes repairing all the body parts of your vehicle like alloy wheel repairing, paint scuff repairing, bumper, headlight, leather seat, paint chip, etc. A skilled smart repair can make your car as a new one by removing all the dents and dings.

Smart Car Repair Dubai

Smart car repair Dubai is a cost-efficient method to handling minor vehicle damage, which includes bumper repairing, dents, scuffs, and scratches to body, alloy wheels, and interior problems. The practice of reusing cars not only saves money,but it can also reduce the emission of carbon. The major fact is the damage in a small area, it will take less material and time to solve it. Another major thing is you can save your money. Here there are some examples of smart repair works.

Paintwork damage is the most common form of repair needed for a vehicle. If your vehicle contains any type of dings and dents, you need to remove it faster otherwise it will damage your vehicle. If there is only a small dent, then you can remove it at home without the help of an expert. For this PDR method is used “Paintless Dent Removal” it is a process of fixing all the small dents without requiring an expert.

The modern cars have plastic bumper which can easily get scratched by small impact. The SMART repair approach must involve combining new paint and materials into old ones, to give a “new” finish on the caused area, instead of the whole panel.

Alloy wheels can easily get damaged when you pull up too close to the curb. Remove the damaged alloy wheel, fix and refurbish the alloy rim, exactly match the original manufacturer paint finish.

Windshields can be easily damaged by flying debris resulting in glass scratches, glass chips, glass bull eye’s or star-breaks. To solve this you should require cleaning, resin, polishing etc.

Car interior damage is due to various reasons like cigarette burns, fabric staining, hails from mobile phone mountings and some general issues like upholstery, car seat issues. Repairing small issues can prevent from turning into major problems.

Spectrum Automotive Smart Repair L.L.C, leading smart automotive reapair dubai. Contact Spectrum Automotive Smart Repair today to learn more or to get a quote.

9 Dec
paintless dent removal dubai


Paintless dent repair, or PDR, is the type of repair and removal of dents, dings from car body without the use of repainting.To remove dents and dings you should follow some steps.Most of the people are unaware about how to remove paintless dents from your car. Their easy methods are available to remove the dents and dings at home itself. If your new car got any type of dents, don’t panic following some easy steps you will get the better result. Mostly to remove the dents PDR techniques is used, it utilize metal rods and body picks to push out the dents from the underside of the body panel.

Remove The Paintless Dent and Dings Easily

When your new car becomes a victim of dings and dents, Paintless Dent Removal is an effective and inexpensive alternative method to repair minor dents without any workshop help. The main advantage of PDR is an environmentally friendly repair technique, which restores your vehicle’s body as a new one. If you Remove paintless dents and dings from your car will help to sell the car at good price.

How To Remove Paintless Dents

             Find out the dents

This the initial step, just find out the areas, where dents have occurred. How big is that dent? If the dent is at the ack side, treat it carefully by using paintless dent removal (PDR) technique.

           Apply PDR Tool to Work out the Dent

The PDR tools are then utilized to carefully massage the exterior back to its original position. The PDR process can be completed within time depends on dent type, and the results are amazing. If it is not working well then contact a paintless dent repair shop for better result.

7 Dec
paint chip repair


Are you in trouble with paint chip on your car door, hood, roof or elsewhere ?Do you want to remove the paint chip before it quickly becomes a rusty paint chip! Repair paint chips is an easy job with the support of an automotive touch-up paint pen or brush. Even a very small chip in your car paint caused by a tiny pebble can also lead to a big problem if you don’t repair it properly. As long as you use to touch up paint if that matches your car color, only then allow the layers to make it dry between coats, you can easily repair those affected chips without high expense at home.

Paint Chip Repair At Home

Let’s start to paint chip repair at home before that determine how many chips there are and also find out how large they are. This is the initial step required. Then determine you paint color matches with your car color if both are same you can start the work. Before work to start you should require some tools at home that are Paint Chip Repair Pen,Paint Chip Spray Can,Paint Chip Repair Kits etc.

  • Determine the severity of the chip

Chips in the paint of your car can be divided into three categories that are small, medium and large. Small chips tend to be smaller than a dime and it requires less work to resolve it and we can solve it at home. Just follow these steps you can solve at home easily.

  • Paint Chip Repair Pen

If your car paint is non-metallic, and there are only chips which are smaller than pencil erasers we recommend you to use a touch-up paint pen,using this way you can easily erase your paint chip. We have also found that the paint pens are very easy to use on small car paint chip repair jobs.

  • Clean the area around the chip with water

Before you can do any painting, it is very important that you wash the area thoroughly. Painting over things like scratches or dirt can definitely ruin your car’s look and make it more ugly revealing the chip once again. You have to rinse the area of the car before repair paint chips, then wash the area with warm soap and water before rinsing it again and then dry it well. Before applying any paint,make sure the car is completely dry.

  • Use the paint pen to fill the chip

Once you confirmed the car is completely dry, you can start the work. Remove the cap of the paint pen and then place the pen point  in  the middle  of the chip. Then Depends on which type of paint pen that you are using, just press the pen down slightly to release the paint. Use only  enough paint to over-fill the chip slightly.

6 Dec
paint scuff repair dubai

How to Remove the Paint Scuffs and Scratches from Cars

Are you in trouble with paint scuffs and scratches on your new car? If your new car got Scratches,paint scuffs, and other imperfections are really painful, but an expert repair can easily resolve this problem. It is a burden for people having a scratch vehicle. If the scratch is little small then it can be solved at home without high effort. Some scratches are due to an object that rubbed against your car is softer than the car’s paint. If you have the necessary materials at home, then you can repair paint scuffs and scratches from cars very easily without any damages.

    Steps for Removing Scratches and Scuffs

  • Wash Your car

This is the initial step required to remove the scuffs and scratches from your car. You should clean the scratched position and make it dry.

  • Use Adhesive Remover

If any types of marks like rubber, glue, chewing gum, another type of paints can be removed by using an Adhesive Remover. You can purchase it from online.

  • If the mark is not disappear

If the mark is not disappearing then lacquer thinner. Use it carefully it might remove your clear coat and paint.

  • Remove  Tough Marks

The next step is removing the tough marks that are not removed by adhesive or lacquer thinner. Sandpaper is used to remove the large type of scuffs and scratches . The next step is to rub the soaked sandpaper on the scratched area carefully.

  • Polishing and wax your car

This is the final and last step used to remove the scratches and scuffs from your vehicle. After polishing complete wax your car. If you have removed the wax before cleaning starts, then re-apply wax and you are done.

1 Dec
car leather seat repair dubai

How to repair car leather seat using Leather Repair Kit?

Many peoples choose vehicle with leather seats for their luxury look.But the most common problem is how to repair car leather seat when it is cracked? Keeping the vehicles away from tears is very important for the interior look. If you cared seats properly, they will not crack or tear easily.

You resolve the tears at home, but one thing is sure that if you want a perfect look you should consider upholstery shop. For if any type of cracks on your leather seats you can use some leather repair kits.

How to Fix the Tears and Cracks on your Leather Seats

When a tear or crack happens on your car, it is very important to repair it quickly to protect the inner part of the seat. If the tear is little small, you can repair it by yourself. Before going through that you need to study about the entire steps of repairing process. If the leather is cracked you can be fixed with an auto leather repair kit.

Leather Car Interior fixing

  1. Matching leather thread
  2. Needle
  3. Thimble
  4. A strip of matching leather
  5. Leather putty


Make sure it leather dye that matches the color of the leather car interior. Then start the cleaning seats with warm water. Rinse out the cleaning cloth as necessary. After rinsing the rag well, use it to rub denatured alcohol on the cracked areas. Wipe the areas dry with a microfiber cloth. When the leather is dry wipe the areas using sandpaper. Open the auto leather repair kit read the instructions carefully then applies on the cracked leather seats. If you are not satisfied with your repair works you should prefer some automobile repair agency.

Spectrum Automotive Smart Repair is a leading automobile repair agency at Dubai, offers car leather seat repair services with affordable budgets.